Sunday, October 6, 2019

British Gas. Proposal for Corporate Social Responsibility Program Research Paper

British Gas. Proposal for Corporate Social Responsibility Program - Research Paper Example Evidently, in the United Kingdom, the extreme weather periods during winter means that temperatures reach freezing levels that are highly unfavorable to the health of local inhabitants. To this end, the local populace has to adopt artificial warming strategies in order to cope with the harsh weather conditions. The heating services are normally offered by local heater service providers at a fee. In this regard, one such company is the British Gas Company located in the Middlesex County in London, United Kingdom. Evidently, the cost of maintaining such heater services normally rise drastically since the hours of heat warming are determined the length of the extremities of the winter period. In this regard, it is critical to point out the disparities in the levels of income that hamper the abilities of the lower income families to maintain their gas payment for the heater services. This most often results to a termination of the heater services and leaves the poor families susceptible to a host of health complications and life threatening situations. To this end, the necessity of a corporate social and responsibility plan is pertinent towards addressing the needs of the low income earners in Middlesex County without affordability to the high gas bills. Evidently, the Corporate Social Responsibility will aspire to achieve three pertinent issues, increase access of to gas provided by British gas; provide assistance in financial resource mobilization for the low income earners so as to increase their purchasing power; to lobby for incentive measures from the gas provider that will ensure access to low cost gas. Financial Issues in the Community The aftershocks of the global financial crisis greatly affected the economies of the European countries and the purchasing power of local households Moon. In this regard, the household incomes of various households across L ondon were negatively affected to the effect that the purchasing power of basic necessities was significantly decreased. The situation has been aggravated further by the rising costs of basic amenities such as food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, other essential commodities such as house heater services during winter climates have become increasingly unaffordable. This has been due to the increase in service charges for gas supply by provider companies such as British gas. To this end, the cheapest gas charges are at least three hundred pounds monthly (Social action plan and household energy efficiency: Ofgem : report 2004). This rate is above the purchasing power of very many low income households. Evidently, One in ten households in London households is unable to afford the high gas charges. To this end, the low income earners are subjected to health related risks arising from the harsh cold winter. These include pneumonia, frost bites, common cold among other. Furthermore, t he poor families are subjected to increased death rates arising from the extreme winter period. Evidently, a raft of measures needs to be introduced so as to increase the purchasing power of the low income earners, provide alternatives that guarantee low cost gas supply, and solicit for contributions that will go towards alleviating the cost of gas supply to the low income earners. Description of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program The precincts of a social responsibility program entails four major components. Foremost, a CSR program requires businesses to carry out their financial duties in a social responsible and ethical manner. Second, it entails ensuring that the safety of people and the environment is protected. Third, it involves ensuring

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